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What is a New Home Snagging Report?

A detailed and extensive defects survey with photographic evidence and descriptions of each defect accessible and visible to pass to your builder, this is emailed within 48 hours of our visit. We are completely paperless in an effort on reducing our environmental impact.
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How do I Pay for my home Inspection?
You can pay via bank transfer or pay cash on the day prior to you receiving your inspection report.
Why Should I Have My New Build Property Professionally Snagged?

Potential costs to purchaser to rectify defects later we have industry experience that many home buyers don’t have.
Peace of mind that you are protecting your investment, you have invested thousands of pounds for your new home we can identify minor to major defects that may otherwise go unnoticed money well spent. Buyers expectations are that they new home will be defect free this is not always the case.

When is best to do the new home Snagging Inspection?

If possible before legal completion that way defects can be rectified before you move in however not always possible, so we recommend you book in as soon as possible after completion. However you can have a Snagging Inspection completed within the first 2 years of your NHBC or Premier warranty.
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How long does the home Inspection typically take?

It will depend on the size and type of your property and the quality of the build, but typically between 2- 5 hours. Our Booking Form specifies length of time for different sizes of property.

Can I re-arrange my date after booking?

Yes, we just ask for 48 hours notice prior to the inspection. You can email or call our team who will he happy to assist in changing your appointment.